Gravity Falls writer creating adult animated show for Netflix


It’s surprisingly enjoyable to see a show’s production slowly develop. From initial announcements, to talent hirings, the first trailer, and finally the inevitable release all help build up the small hype train we all have inside us. Sometimes the announcements can get you genuinely excited, while others produce…. different if not still enjoyable feelings. The anticipation is almost wholly separate from the actually finished product, but it’s an important part of the media consumption “experience.” That’s why when a writer of the still criminally underrated Gravity Falls gets put on a new show, you get excited. And yes, I mean you. I’m already excited but you need to get going to or this will be a very unpleasant ride for you.

According to Variety, writer Shion Takeuchi will be penning a new adult-oriented animated shows titled Inside Job. Centered around a shadow wing of the government, one woman is tasked with overseeing all the conspiracy theories that are all actually true while making sure they don’t wreak havoc on the world. Also coming onto the project is Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch, who will be co-executive producing, presumably the kind that actually does work.

Netflix has taken a throw it on the wall and see what sticks approach to making shows, but they also get millions of people to watch whenever a new one comes out, so maybe it’s something different. They’ve finally gotten me interested with a show based on the writer’s previous work, so maybe their real plan is buy up all but the most premium talent and win the content wars with quantity over quality. Besides Bojack, I didn’t even know there were like 5 other adult cartoons on or coming to Netflix. Regardless, Inside Job looks like it could make for a similar monster-of-the-week serialized format that Gravity Falls did so well, so right up Takeuchi’s alley. 20 episodes of the show will make it to Netflix…. sometime, as the release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Netflix Orders Adult Animated Comedy ‘Inside Job’ from Shion Takeuchi [Variety]