Green Lantern concept art of different Parallax designs


Green Lantern was steaming poop in a pint glass, though Jenika thought it was just OK. You had lots of cheap-looking CG, too much chemistry-less romance, an unfocused and uninteresting plot, and a severe lack of imagination when it came to the action sequences and the ring constructs. The main villain of the film, Parallax, was also problematic. He went from a menacing alien insect in the comics to some generic, vaguely conceived, evil smoky thing.

Artist Peter Rubin was involved with Green Lantern during its early stages of development, doing hundreds of Parallax designs in just over four weeks. He’s recently shared some of his favorites, and while none of them could have saved the abysmal film, many are at least better than the Parallax that wound up on screen.

We’ve got a few designs in the gallery. To see more design sketches, check out Peter Rubin’s official website.

[Via Cinema Blend, Iron Rooster Studios]

Hubert Vigilla
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