Green Lantern using all his willpower to finish FX


With a June release date looming large, Green Lantern has just gotten a budget boost of $9 million and has begun hiring work out to more special effects studios in order to complete the film by the promised June 17th date. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise, and the film has CGI shots out the yin yang in almost every single frame. Judging from the Wondercon footage, the film is really, really close in every area except for Ryan Reynolds and his motion-captured union suit. I love the concept of the suit, and I think it could look really cool, but the effects work is incomplete by a country mile. 

As the Collider article points out, this is an extremely common theme this summer. Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger is working on a very truncated shooting/post production schedule to push the film out in time for this summer, and the new Transformers has people working weekends and through holidays. It really is going to take one of these big tentpole pictures pushing their release date back within weeks of a release in order to stop this kind of shoddy, budget-raising last-minute work to an end. So let’s hope this extra cash injection’s going to do the job, and that Green Lantern will shine brightly on time in June. Until then, you can check out two new character posters over at Yahoo! Movies.

[Via Collider, Posters Via Yahoo! Movies]