Halloween gets another remake, this time on the cheap


Indie director Derek Hill wants to remake John Carpenter’s horror classic Halloween, not really caring about the fact that the series was rebooted a mere 4 years ago by Rob Zombie. How does he plan to compete with such a big-budget tale of Michael Myers killing teenagers? By making the film for only $500, according to Total Film.

Though you likely haven’t heard of him, Hill has produced 22 films on tiny budgets, so he’s no stranger to working with next-to-no money. His plan for what he’s calling Halloween: Vengeance is to shoot the movie using a few local actors and locations, then pitch the final result to Dimension Films.

If it sounds like a fan film, that’s because it practically is. Hill says that Halloween: Vengeance “is a fan film and a tribute piece to pay homage to this particular series of films.” He’s hoping that if Dimension picks up his film for distribution, it will become the next installment of the long-running horror series.

If he succeeds, I’m sure Hill’s career will be a major boost, but do we really need this? How many times do we need to see Halloween remade?

[Via Total Film]