Happy Death Day 3 is not being developed


If you are a fan of the genre switching Happy Death Day franchise then we’ve got some bad news for you. 

According to a tweet by series director and Happy Death Day 2U scribe Christopher Landon, Happy Death Day 3 is not in development and there are no plans to move forward at this time. He also jokingly states that he’s still game if Netflix wants to provide funding to get the third film off the ground.

This is a real sting to fans of the franchise as the series kept the audience on their toes with constant genre swapping and really having fun with the time loop concept. Jessica Rothe was a standout across both movies and was a large part of why they worked as well as they did. The first film did rather well financially and critically, so a sequel was naturally put into motion. The sequel leaned much more heavily into the comedy and introduced more of a sci-fi aspect to a movie that already had a time loop in it. The second film unfortunately underperformed financially while still receiving good critical reception. The disappointing box office for the sequel all but sealed the fate of a possible third movie.

The director has stated before that if, given the chance to do a third movie, that he had a “bonkers” idea with where to go with the story. It’s unfortunate we won’t see how this insane story could’ve gotten crazier moving forward. Fingers crossed that Netflix will step in to save this, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up that this loop will reopen again.