Have a high-res look at Green Lantern’s costume


Despite some kickass, head-turning footage out of Wondercon, I’ve still got one big reservation about the upcoming film, and that’s Ryan Reynolds in costume. Not that I don’t believe he’s a good choice to play Hal Jordan, mind, but it’s him in the costume itself. The notion of an all CG costume is an intriguing one, but most of the footage so far has made him look pretty off in that CG uniform. All of the various alien Lanterns have looked fine, probably because they’re mostly CG anyway. The combination of obviously real and obviously fake that goes into Ryan Reynold’s own suit just makes him look funky.

That said, these three high-res images of Reynolds in costume give me a little more faith in the matter. I’m still worried about the painted-on quality of his little domino mask. However, considering the CG is even now still being tinkered with, I have hope that my remaining concerns will be addressed. Check out all the new pictures in the gallery, and leave a comment to let us know what you think. 

[Via Screenrant]