Hawkeye Episode 4 Recap: “Partners, Am I Right?”


Welcome back to Flixist’s weekly recap of Hawkeye. Episode four picks up right where the previous episode left off with Jack pointing the Ronin sword directly at Clint menacingly. Eleanor enters and they both realize it’s an Avenger, defusing the tension a bit. Cue one of the most awkward sit-downs in Marvel history playing out with Clint, Kate, Jack, and Eleanor all sipping warm drinks.

After explaining that Kate has been helping him, Clint notices the Ronin sword and very swiftly steals it back while Elanor walks him out. She threatens him not so subtly to leave her daughter out of whatever it is he is involved with, mentioning Natasha Romanoff. After he leaves, Eleanor calls a mysterious individual leaving a voicemail saying it’s urgent.

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Clint also learns that Jack is the CEO of Sloan Limited, a sketchy company acting as a shell for the Tracksuit Mafia to launder money through. Kate finally realizes after many tribulations that Clint was the Ronin during his downtime as Hawkeye. They have a heart to heart during a mini Christmas party Kate throws for him in his apartment. Clint then decides to confront Kazi about getting Maya to stop her investigation into Ronin. Meanwhile, Kate meets up with the LARPer Cops to get their help retrieving Clint’s trick arrows.

Laura contacts Clint, informing him that the Rolex watch stolen by the Tracksuit Mafia was tracked to an apartment building. He asks Kate for help retrieving it saying that it’s important because the person it belongs to is in retirement and he needs to protect their cover. The apartment in question turns out to belong to none other than Maya Lopez.


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A fight ensues between Kate and Maya while Clint gets his hands dirty with a masked assassin. The four spar off on the roof with Kate injuring Lopez, who proceeds to run away. Clint then unmasks the assassin who turns out to be none other than Yelena Belova, sister to the deceased Natasha Romanoff. She was approached by Valentina at the end of Black Widow to kill Hawkeye, the man who “murdered” Natasha. Clint looks back in shock as Yelena also flees.

Explaining to Kate that because now a Black Widow assassin is after him, the situation is too dangerous for her to continue being his partner, Clint breaks the partnership that he and Kate formed. Kate, obviously, doesn’t take this lightly.

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While this episode of Hawkeye was very dialogue-heavy, it certainly made up for things at the end with its multi-character fight sequence. Lots of things are being set up for episodes five and six with episode five promising to light up Twitter. It was nice to see Yelena make a return to the MCU but how this is going to play out is anyone’s guess at this point.

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