HBO doesn’t like Netflix, refuses to sell DVDs


HBO, get over yourself. It’s bad enough that you refuse to make a deal to stream your shows on Netflix. You insist on making your own service, HBO Go, that you can only access if you’re buying the cable channel, stubbornly ignoring the point of streaming services. And now, you’re trying to make it even harder to watch your shows.

/Film reports that HBO will no longer sell Netflix any disc copies of its properties. Apparently they’re fine selling them to any other rental service, they just have an issue with Netflix. Maybe it’s because they see the writing on the wall, maybe it’s because they view Netflix as some lowly competitor when it comes to licensing movies. The fact is they’re being dicks about it.

It’s not like Netflix will stop carrying HBO DVDs; they’re just going to have to pay a little more for them from a third-party vendor instead of buying them in bulk from the source. This will just be a minor increase in Netflix’s expenses column. At least, until they need some justification for raising subscription costs again.

[Via /Film]