Here are the 8 possibly exclusive Mindhunter images I was allowed to download


I wasn’t going to write about Mindhunter‘s first images for the second season being released today because I know very little about the show and it wasn’t that interesting. But here we are with me presenting you eight images from the second season of Netflix’s FBI drama series. How did we get here?

Well, the marketing team behind Mindhunter sent over an email inviting me (and other press) to experience The Lightbox. Curiousity obviously piqued I clicked in, only to discover a sort of lightbox covered with slides of photos on it. I could download eight of the photos in the slides. So I did. At random. You can see them below along with a screenshot of what this “experience” looked like. 

Other than the limit on downloads and strict time limit for accessing the site there doesn’t seem much else to it. Basically a fancy photo gallery to gin up some coverage. Well, it worked. So I happy you’re happy Mindhunter marketing team. Who knows, maybe one of these images is a Flixist exclusive!

Mindhunter‘s second season premieres on Netflix on August 16.

Matthew Razak
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