Here’s a ton of high-res Green Lantern pictures


Sean and I both have the Green Lantern symbols tattooed on our person. So we’re more than a little excited for Green Lantern, which opens in just two weeks on June 17th. A lot of these pictures are stills from the last trailer, but it gives us all the high-res glory of Parallax, the Guardians, all kinds of various members of the Green Lantern Corps, and, in a rare move on the Internet today, pictures of Blake Lively with her clothes on. Some of the CGI is a little odd and shiny-looking in places though, and that’s worrisome. A lot of the shots are from trailers, and people are probably still working overtime to finish the CG, so there’s still some chance for improvement in the final product.

What do you guys think of the look of these stills? Are we in for a sad surprise on June 17th, or is this the cosmic superhero adventure that will make me soil my pants in happiness?