Here’s Karen O and Spike Jonze performing “The Moon Song”

"The Moon Song" from "Her" Performed by Karen O, Spike Jonze and KK Barrett

While Frozen‘s “Let it Go” was robbed during The Golden Globes, Her‘s “The Moon Song” didn’t even get nominated. That’s a shame because it’s one of the most touching musical pieces of 2013 (landing it in my list of the 10 Best Movie Music Moments). To prove why it rightfully earned an Academy Award nomination, Karen O. (who amazingly was inspired to write the song right after she had finished reading Her’s script), Spike Jonze, and KK Barett performed a slightly different version of the song for Morning Becomes Ecclectic. And Karen O’s going to be performing it during the Oscars too! Yeah! 

Still so so so so so good to the ears. Happy Valentine’s Day. 

[via KCRW]