Hey everyone, let’s talk about X-Men: Days of Future Past!


UPDATE: Last day for those opinions! 

Since the last two editions have been met with success, let’s try another Flixist Community Discusses for X-Men: Days of Future Past! This time the criticism I’ve seen has most definitely been more positive than it has been with the last few movies, and of course I want to find out why folks may have liked it so much (although I want to read someone’s opinion if they didn’t like it also). 

When I reviewed this seventh X-Men movie, I really liked its ability to juggle 30 billion characters, but really didn’t like how lots of things didn’t make sense. But comics, I guess. Like before, I’ll gather all of your responses (labeled with who wrote them, of course), and pepper in some responses from the Flixist staff, into one post as “Flixist Community Discusses.”

Leave a comment below, hit me up on Twitter (@Valdezology), or even send me an email at [email protected]. The community post will go live Friday, May 30th at 12PM CST, so I’ll be taking responses until then!

Where does X-Men stand, Flixist community? Days of Future Past or Days of Future Last? Get your opinions in folks as this will be the last one for awhile (unless Edge of Tomorrow suddenly interests everyone)!