Hide your children: Love, Death & Robots are coming to Netflix courtesy of David Fincher and Tim Miller

LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS | Official Trailer | Netflix

Attaching David Fincher with his dark, very serious films to an animated anthology project sounded bizarre to me, when I first heard about Tim Miller’s Love, Death & Robots. Netflix has dropped a trailer, confirming the anthology animation’s debut on the service March 15th, and looks like things are only getting kookier.

Touted as a “NSFW Animated Anthology,” the 18 shorts will range from sexy to scary, it seems, dealing with topics such as “racism, war, free will, and human nature.” Right into the deep end, then.

Best known for directing the first Deadpool film, Tim Miller serves as director and writer on Robots, with animators from around the globe working to form a collage of different styles and tones. Hollywood maverick David Fincher (Zodiac, Gone Girl) is slated to serve as an executive producer.

Miller calls it his “dream project, [combining] [his] love of animation and amazing stories.” Considering his background in animated shorts and, well, comic book adaptations, this sounds about right.

The terminology around Love, Death, & Robots as a “series” would indicate future releases, though it seems the March 15th program will be a single feature of shorts edited together. I’m picturing a more-salacious Robot Carnival.

You can’t help but wonder, if Robots does well, could we see that Deadpool animation resurrect in some way?

Watch the trailer for David Fincher and Tim Miller’s animated Netflix show Love, Death & Robots[Entertainment Weekly]