Hotel Transylvania 4 is being made amid eye-rolls from parents


I’ll be the first to defend Hotel Transylvania to anyone as a middling, but entertaining film. However, with the announcement that a fourth film in the series is int he works I have to scratch my head in wonder that this series is the $1.3 billion global success that it is. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation made more money than Into the Spiderverse!

The fourth film, which is set to be released on December 21, 2021, was probably a foregone conclusion considering the success of the third movie. It isn’t clear if series director Genndy Tartakovsky will return, but I’m sure the Adam Sandler led cast will be happy to have giant dump trucks full of money pulled up to their houses for their services. For my part, I hope Tartakovsky doesn’t return. I’m glad this series put him more on the map but the man needs to return to his more “serious” work because both the Clone Wars films and Samurai Jack are some of the best animation you can watch. 

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Matthew Razak
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