Inside the Xbox One Launch Event in LA, is it just games?

Xbox One LA Launch event.

Now when anyone thinks of a console launch, they think videogames. That is their primary function, but with technology making everything easier and simpler, consoles do far more than just play games. You can start to see this trend as early as the original Playstation, and even further back with the Gameboy Camera if you were savvy enough. But have we finally hit the tipping point where a key feature in a console is not games? If you are looking at an Xbox One, the answer might be yes.

We had a chance to go to the Xbox One Launch Event in Los Angeles, and take a look inside and get a feel for what people were talking about when it came to the system. The topics might surprise you, as it did to me. While much talk of gaming was certainly in the air, the most notable talk came from the multimedia discussion surrounding apps like Netflix/Youtube, and the interaction with Kinect.

We also got a chance to talk with the first person to get a Xbox One in the West Coast, and he had some interesting things to say on that matter. By the end of the event it definitely made me take a look at the way I saw the Xbox One a bit differently. So far differently that I see myself picking one up when it’s a bit more affordable to me just based on the movie and multimedia experience alone.