International trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2


The first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to, well, spark interest mainly because most folks were worried about how the sequel plans to fit three villains into the film. They were getting flashbacks to the Spider-Man 3 fiasco as the trailer showed Spidey fighting Rhino, Electro and even a Goblin. But this international trailer for the film helps ease some of that confusion. 

Something about the trailer gels better. The tone’s more humorous, we get amazing spider quips, and now I kind of realize Rhino is only there in one scene and his main purpose is to establish that there’s a bigger villain world out there. Hmm, anyone more interested in Amazing Spider-Man 2 now? The Amazing Spider-Man 2 webswings into theaters May 2nd. Also in IMAX 3D for some reason.