Iron Man 3 gets IMAX 3D release date


So it seems like IMAX 3D is a big thing this year, especially with potentially big blockbuster movies. Another big movie releasing this year, Iron Man 3, will be coming to IMAX 3D. Here’s where it gets a little different. It will first debut as an international release in IMAX theaters in 3D starting April 25th. Then it will release domestically starting on May 3rd.

While I do love me some Iron Man, I’m not a fan of the whole IMAX 3D experience as I have stated before. Especially since this will be yet another post-converted film for IMAX. I’m seeing this when it hits theaters anyways, but it will be an old-fashion experience with none of those newfangled 3D glasses and IMAX sized screens that these kids seem to enjoy these days!

Plus who doesn’t want to see the Extremis armor and the Iron Patriot armor?

[via Collider]