It’s Always Sunny has been renewed to Season 18


Marvel and Star Wars aren’t the only Disney owned properties that are getting news tonight. Due to the acquisition of Fox giving Disney ownership of the FX and FXX brands, the company is responsible for the popular It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia series. Wildly outrageous and often controversial, the show is fairly close to breaking the record for the “longest-running live-action comedy series” in American history.

Well, it’s going to achieve that crown soon, because FXX announced that the gang will be keeping its antics up for at least another four years. That’s right, It’s Always Sunny has been renewed up to Season 18, which I doubt will be its last.

I’m honestly surprised by this news. It’s not that It’s Always Sunny isn’t good anymore or anything, but it’s kind of shocking to see such an offensive series remain on the airwaves. I’ve always applauded the show for daring to mock anything and everything, so I’m down for more of that sardonic humor it has in spades.

As for where the show can go in the future, I have no idea. I’m struggling to think of anything that the gang hasn’t already desecrated to an extreme degree. Maybe as they get older, we’ll see some exploration of being middle-aged and how times have passed the gang by.

Source: Twitter

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