Ivan Reitman in talks to produce Michael Jackson biopic


Aww c’mon guys. Seriously, stop it.

According to IndieWire, Michael Jackson’s estate has approached Ivan Reitman with the possibility or producing/financing a biopic on the late King of Pop. Both sides are just talking and there’s no deal in place, but that doesn’t change the fact that this terrible idea is a thing and will probably happen one way or another down the line. The word is that the film will not follow Michael Jackson from birth to death, but rather it will cover key moments of his life.

I’m sure I’m not in the minority when I say that a Michael Jackson biopic is a terrible idea, especially with the Jackson estate backing it up. With posthumous albums, a Cirque de Soleil show and other Jackson merchandise all still making money, I’m sure the film will manage to neglect the fact that the King of Pop was a crazed man child who allegedly molested children and dangled babies from balconies (among other things). If I wanted to watch a movie about delusions and conspiracies surrounding Michael Jackson, I’ll watch Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead? on Netflix Instant Queue (which I have with Alex Katz … and it is HILARIOUS).

As far as the header image: Yes, that is an image of a Ghostbuster essentially “busting” the ghost of Michael Jackson. Is it tasteless? Probably … but you fail to see the parallels the image has with this story. Also, the visual of Dan Aykroyd capturing the ghost of MJ is funny as hell to me.

[Via IndieWire]