Jigsaw looks unexpectedly well in the new season of Punisher


Grotesque facial disfigurements are often the symbolic association with antagonists in the comic book world. The likes of Two-Face, Doctor Doom, and the Joker are prominent, long-living villains with a look that is impossible to ignore that also plays an intricate role in their identity as the hero’s opposition. 

The end of Punisher’s first season saw the creation of Jigsaw at the hands of Frank Castle. In case you don’t remember that brutal scene, here’s a reminder:

Marvel's The Punisher 1x13 Full Scene Frank Executes Billy Russo | Billy Russo Death Scene

Since Frank Castle did what every superhero does and let Billy Russo live, it only makes sense they go at it again in season two. A video and a few set photos have surfaced showing off Jigsaw’s scars, and compared to the comics and his portrayal in Punisher: Warzone, he looks more like a grizzled ex-marine than a disturbingly freakish bad guy. 

Check out the video and scroll through the photos above to see for yourself, but Netflix is clearly going for a less jacked-up version of the character as they move forward with the hit series. 

Nick Hershey