Joss Whedon signs on for Avengers 2, minds explode


Disney has just confirmed (through an investors conference call, according to /Film) that Joss Whedon has definitely signed on to write and direct the sequel to the blockbuster Avengers film as well as involving himself with the ABC television series set in the Avengers universe. Although Whedon was a little sketchy about coming back, his return to the franchise is something we have all wanted for a long time

While Whedon may be currently absorbed in other projects, it’s good to know that this treasure of a man is still keeping his hands in the Avengers honeypot. Marvel’s future is galactically wide open, so they’re going to need someone good enough at storytelling to keep all of these potentially big ideas together. With Whedon’s involvement, most likely as the puppeteer for all of The Avengers tie-ins, I am extremely confident that Marvel’s ambitious Phase Two plan won’t just collapse in on itself. 

My mind is now completely ‘sploded. As are all of yours. 

[via /Film]