Judd Apatow’s Twitter is full of misery


Have you checked out Judd Apatow’s Twitter lately? I mean, I haven’t, but I’m one of the few people not up on that social networking thingy. There’s way too much irrelevant information coming out of that site — but that’s a rant for another time.

What I do find amusing about the site is when instances like this are pointed out to me. It seems Apatow’s Twitter has become a showcase for dozens of tweets that serve only to mock the man. Yes, the man responsible for producing and directing some of the most popular comedies in the past several years is actually retweeting any disparaging tweet that mentions him. It seems he wanted more followers, and in the process just got more haters.

Some highlights include Kanye West not following him, facial comparisons to Saddam Hussein, and an analysis of how much weight he has in his neck region. One of my favorites: “Did you sleep with Yakov Smirnoff and tweet his picture?” Oh Internet, I love your totally unprovoked sessions of angry criticism.