Zack Synder’s Justice League brings Jared Leto back for laughs


Because 2020 is a hellscape that just keeps on giving, it has been confirmed that Zack Synder’s Justice League will be giving actor Jared Leto a second chance as The Joker. In a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, multiple sources claim Synder added Leto as he originally intended to have the man of many laughs in his vision of the film. Also, Synder has dropped the whole “Synder Cut” thing and is instead going with the aforementioned title just so you know who is behind all of this.

The report also reveals that producers Jon Berg and Geoff Johns will no longer be involved with the project. The two had overseen the production of the theatrical cut, which was taken over by jackass director Joss Whedon once Synder left for personal reasons. Since they didn’t work on this version and are reportedly no longer studio executives, their names have been axed from the credits.

The exit of Berg and Johns isn’t all that surprising. Just last month, actor Ray Fisher made claims that the two enabled the abuse that Whedon gave to everyone on set. If those reports are accurate, then it’s a good move that neither of them will be involved with this new version.

As conflicting as this news may be, I do hope that the end result of Zack Synder’s Justice League ends up being what fans want.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Peter Glagowski
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