Kevin Durand is Barry Burton and other RE5 casting news


I previously reported that a trio of as-yet-unseen characters from the Resident Evil games would be making their debut in Resident Evil: Retribution, but franchise star Milla Jovovich left us wanting when it came to casting. Fortunately, she has since delivered in spades with the actors playing Leon S. Kennedy (Johann Urb), Barry Burton (Kevin Durand), and Ada Wong (Li Bingbing)!

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the franchise, but I do love zombies and have put myself through three and a half of the previous four films. In a world where one can adapt Iron Man flawlessly (at least his latest origin story), why, oh why, couldn’t the series have started with Jill and Barry looking for Chris in the mansion as their virtually two-dimensional teammates are picked off one by one, all the while fighting hunters and plant monsters and a giant effing spider? Don’t get me wrong, seeing a guy get lasered into pieces was dope, but who are these people and where is my master of unlocking? The second film was pretty cool and once I accepted the film franchise as a separate continuity, I enjoyed it well enough. I didn’t finish the third one and never got around to seeing all of it, and the fourth kind of made me feel like dying. BUT NONE OF THAT MATTERS NOW BECAUSE BARRY “WHAT? WHAT IS THIS!?” BURTON IS BEING PLAYED BY KEVIN “I MAKE GOOD EGGS” DURAND!

Is the casting good? In terms of likeness, no. I always thought of Barry as someone’s loveable uncle who might drink too much and betray his team. But i love, love, love Kevin Durand, and this franchise has taught me to expect nothing lest I be disappointed, so I’ll take it! Hopefully the sixth film will feature Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland as the plucky Rebecca Chambers. My question to you, dear readers, is who hasn’t been added to the film franchise yet and who would you cast to play them?

You can peep Milla’s full tweet, where she also confirms a handful of the returning actors, below.

[Via Milla Jovovich]

Oh my goodness! Ok here’s another COMPLETE cast list of all our main characters:
Alice: me!
Luther: @boriskodjoe
Rain: @mrodofficial
One: @colinsalmon24
Jill Valentine: @guillorybe
Leon S. Kennedy: Johann Urb
Barry Burton: Kevin Durand
Ada Wong: Li Bingbing
Carlos Oliveira: Oded Fehr
Albert Wesker: Shawn Roberts
And as our gorgeous Japanese zombuddy: Mika Nakashima