Lake Michigan Monster smashes together The Lighthouse and SpongeBob SquarePants


One of my favorite comfort-food films is Roger Corman’s 1957 “classic,” Attack of the Crab Monsters. It’s a bizarre and nonsensical ball in which giant, irradiated crabs murder researchers before digesting their souls into a sort of hive-mind. Then, these monstrosities use the dead’s disembodied voices to communicate with the others and attempt to lure them to a pincer grave. The crab’s voices can only register through metal, though. It’s weird, and my life wouldn’t be nearly as rich without it.

Arrow Video’s upcoming release of Ryland Brickson Cole Tews’ gonzo nautical adventure, Lake Michigan Monster looks to rekindle that same sort of shoestring joy with absurdity and spirit to spare. Oddly, it also looks like an even more bizarre version of The Lighthouse.

The plot sees an eccentric captain and his crew on the shore of Lake Michigan attempting to wreak vengeance on the monster who killed the captain’s father. The effects look wild with a mix of 50’s monster movie costumes and cartoon-inspired effects. It’s exactly the kind of cheesy, fun, tongue-in-cheek joy we need right now.

And we won’t have to wait too long to plunder the depths on the search for the Lake Michigan Monster, as the film will have a virtual screening through Altavod for 24 hours on July 31. The film will then sail onto The Arrow Video Channel and VOD platforms on August 3 in the UK and US.

Poster for Lake Michigan Monster

Kyle Yadlosky
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