Live-action Cowboy Bebop wraps its first season


It’s one of those productions that, in my mind, has been make-believe, and not something we’re likely to actually see materialize, though word is that Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop adaptation has wrapped its shoot.

The news comes from Daniella Pineda, who stars as amnesiac bounty hunter Faye Valentine, via her personal Instagram. Pineda chimes in to say the season shoot was “finally finished.” Netflix later confirmed that Cowboy Bebop had indeed wrapped its first season of photography.

The adaptation of the iconic anime from Shinichiro Watanabe and Sunrise has met its fair share of hold-ups, including star John Cho’s on-set accident and the all-affecting conditions brought on by the pandemic. The shoot resumed in New Zealand last September. Before that the series had been announced back in 2017, nearly a decade after the rumors of a live-action film adaptation were making the rounds. They even had Keanu Reeves at a time! Luckily, the wrap on principal photography means that this seemingly-ethereal, dreamlike production is really real.

Developed by Tomorrow Studios in collaboration with original animators at Sunrise, Cowboy Bebop is written by Christopher Yost, whose previously written on The Mandalorian and Thor: Ragnarok. John Cho leads as the dapper and cool Spike Spiegel, with Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black, Spike’s partner and fellow bounty hunter. With Pineda as Faye and a cast that also includes Alex Hassell and Elena Satine, the stage is set for high drama (and shenanigans) amongst the stars.

Though production has wrapped there’s still no timeframe on Cowboy Bebop‘s release, with a lengthy editing process and post-production process to be pored over. Still, with Bebop‘s photography wrapped we’re in a good place; plus, little more patience never killed anyone. There’s a lot riding on such a beloved series being reinterpreted, but fingers crossed the strong cast and crew can zero in on bottling that manic magic.

Source: Deadline