Marc Webb on Mary Jane’s deleted scene from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’


Earlier this week, director Marc Webb discussed the decision to completely cut Mary Jane from the much anticipated The Amazing Spider Man 2. In his interview with, Webb revealed that it was his respect for Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker’s romance that lead him to have Mary Jane’s scene axed.

The relationship between them [Peter and Gwen] is so sacred and so powerful, that it just didn’t feel right. 

Mary Jane’s omission from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 means no appearance from Shailene Woodley (Divergent/The Fault in Our Stars) in this portion of the Spidey franchise, and with the success of Divergent, it’s unclear whether or not Woodley will appear in any of its sequels.

Either way, it’s clear that Webb is already thinking several films ahead about the different relationships Peter will have, and Mary Jane isn’t the only woman on his mind. Speaking about a possible tryst with Felicity Jones (Black Cat), Webb stated:

Who knows what’s going to happen with that in the future. But there are a few possibilities we’re exploring but in terms of theme, that’s certainly an interesting thing to play with. 

No matter how Webb sorts it out, it looks like Spidey will have no shortage of women in his web.

[Source: Slashfilm]