Marvel Studios regains Punisher and Jessica Jones rights


Despite how ridiculously popular the MCU has been for Marvel Studios, the relative failure of the Netflix series has loomed over it like a dark cloud. While Jessica Jones started with such promise and The Punisher being included in Daredevil’s second season was a stroke of casting genius, both would go on to decidedly less successful seasons following their debuts. With fans dying to see Marvel Studios get its hands on those characters, the chance has finally come. Both series recently reverted back to Disney following the expiration of their extended Netflix contracts.

Disney hasn’t officially commented on this, but it would be stupid to let such an opportunity go to waste. No one really cares if Luke Cage or Iron Fist come back, but incorporating¬†Jessica Jones and Punisher into the MCU would be fantastic. It would certainly open up more story possibilities for characters not everyone is overly familiar with. We could also finally have a good Punisher movie that directly confronts the character’s uncomfortable association with the police force.

Something could be happening, too. Actor Charlie Cox, who played the titular role in Netflix’s Daredevil, was spotted on the set of Spider-Man 3 and people are speculating he may have a role in the film. If so, it opens the door for these Netflix heroes to make their grand return.


Peter Glagowski
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