Matt Reeves shares camera test for Rob Pattinson as ‘The Batman’


On Twitter this evening, director Matt Reeves shared a camera test for his upcoming Rob Pattinson starring The Batman and we now have a decent idea of how the former Twilight star will look as the caped crusader. Cast in a light that almost made me confuse him for Daredevil, I do have to admit that Rob looks pretty cool as Batman. There’s maybe a bit too much armor going on, but this suit does seem to be noticeably different from past silver screen Batman iterations.

The darker lighting is clearly in an effort to see how Pattinson will look in Batman’s typical low-light situations. It’s not often you see Batman gallivanting around Gotham in broad daylight and shooting anything in low-light can be tough. Nailing the look of a costume, under those circumstances, is key and Reeves seems to have found a solid design.

Now we just need to see a trailer or something and I might actually be on board with this film.

Matt Reeves [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
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