Mike Myers bathes in Netflix money, is to play multiple characters in his own series


Is there a talent on earth not susceptible to Netflix’s bottomless wallet? I think not as Mike Myers has officially become another victim sucked into the vacuous green hole that is the Netflix money pit–and that’s pretty cool. I mean, if they let Lady Dynamite in all its bizarre stream-of-consciousness glory happen, then I’m sure Myers as executive producer and star will be able to do whatever he wants with that big ol’ Netflix check.

“I love creating characters and Netflix has given me a fantastic playground to play in,” he said upon the announcement of the six-episode order. Beyond that, all we know is that Myers intends to play multiple characters. There are no other stars, no title, no shooting or release date. It’s just a thing that’s happening.

Most people have one Myers character that speaks to their childhoods, I think. Whether it’s Wayne Campbell, Austin Powers, or even Shrek there’s likely a little nostalgic piece of you that perks up at the thought of Mike Myers having his own Netflix show. I feel that, too and hope that whatever he decides to do will bring plenty of joy.

Mike Myers Playing Multiple Characters in New Netflix Comedy Series [Screen Rant]

Kyle Yadlosky
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