Millie Bobby Brown and her sister to star in Netflix film, A Time Lost


Remember Stranger Things? That little show that popped up earlier in the summer that we all binged on the first day? Even if you’ve forgotten its mega success, star Millie Bobby Brown hasn’t — and hasn’t been resting on her laurels. The 15-year-old is set to appear alongside her sister in an upcoming Netflix-produced film entitled A Time Lost, announced today.

We reported earlier in the summer that Brown was set to star in Enola Holmes, a spinoff of the iconic Conan-Doyle series, to portray Sherlock’s younger sister. With production scheduled to take place over the summer, the news of her work on A Time Lost has overlapped and reveals a busy schedule for the actress.

Announced earlier by Netflix (via Hollywood Reporter), the project is based on an original story that Millie and her older sister Paige wrote together, telling the story of two feuding Long Island families whose conflict escalates when one of their daughters is diagnosed with cancer. Given Millie’s recent oeuvre, particularly as her role as the troubled but courageous heroine Eleven in Stranger Things,  the subject lends itself to her weighty approach to performance and storytelling.

Paige will be executive producing the script alongside their father Robert Brown, with Millie taking a lead writing. In addition, the film will be directed by up-and-coming director Anna Klassen, who has already written Dorothy and Alice for Netflix. In a joint statement, the sisters said: 

“We are so grateful to Netflix for their confidence in us and this beautiful story, which we have spent years writing and developing. It’s about friendship, family and overcoming obstacles when it feels like the world is pushing you down. It’s been a labor of love, literally.”

Adding to their enthusiastic vision for the project, Lisa Nishimura, Netflix’s VP of independent film and documentary features, commented: 

“Millie is an extraordinary creative talent. We’ve been lucky to have her in our family from the beginning of her career. It is a genuine thrill to witness Millie bring her distinct vision to the screen, now as a writer and producer, alongside her sister on this wonderful film.” 

Although Netflix has today become embroiled in a very public debate with Toronto Film Festival exhibitors, who have barred the studio (alongside Amazon) from showing films in their industry screening venue — the controversy hasn’t discouraged the streaming giant from persisting with its own work. In fact, it might just be the push it needs to concentrate its efforts on TV-only streaming.

In a September that’s already been saturated with news of TIFF, Venice, and pretty much every other festival you can think of, it can feel like our feeds are full of galas, red carpets, and public controversies. But when all’s said and done, Netflix will still be there for us with a steady drip of new content. It’s not yet known when A Time Lost is set to begin production, but with Netflix backing the film and its star power propelling it forward, we can expect more news on this very soon. 

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Sian Francis Cox
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