Moonrise Kingdom character posters are adorable, spoilery


Wes Anderson’s upcoming Moonrise Kingdom is looking like more fun everyday. These new character posters feature several of the main characters, as well as most of the big game actors in the movie – including the beloved Anderson staple, Bill Murray. The posters also feature Edward Norton as Scout Master Ward, Bruce Willis as Captain Sharp, and Tilda Swinton as “Social Services”.

The one thing that I don’t like about the posters is that they feel a bit spoileriffic to me. One thing that I love about Wes Anderson movies is his ability to introduce and develop fantastic, distinct characters, and I feel like these posters kind of steal some of that magic. Also, the original versions of these posters are actually interactive, and were all debuted on separate websites, so if you’d like to try the interactive version of the posters, check out below for links! Though be warned that clicking on and reading everything on the interactive posters is even more spoilery!