More Netflix subtitles by the end of 2011


Confession: I’m a bit of a subtitle stickler. Whenever watching a DVD amongst friends, I’m usually the jerk that demands that the subtitles be put on, much to the dismay of vile cretins who think subtitles are a “distraction” (as seen in the header above, what could it possibly be distracting you from?). Often times, the availability of subtitles in a film will make or break whether or not I’m actually going to watch a film. I NEED subtitles, for without them I would be forced to pay attention and potentially miss a piece of unclear dialogue, and who wants to do that? In turn, the lack of subtitle options have really hindered my Netflix viewing, limiting my viewing only to times when I have complete and undivided attention.

Luckily, Netflix has heard my cries and is finally pushing forward into implementing subtitles into Instant Queue. HomeMediaMagazine reports that CPO Neil Hunt ensures us that 80% of their online content will have subtitles by the end of 2011 and will be available for the PC, Mac, Google TV, Wii, PS3 and something called a Boxee Box. The Xbox 360 and Roku Box are said to implement support for subtitles sometime in the near future.

Until then, Netflix has dedicated a page to finding out which films and television programs already have subtitles ( Perhaps now I’ll finally be able to watch Penelope Cruz and understand her atrocious Spanglish accent.

[via HomeMediaMagazine]