Movies opened and that means we can talk about the box office again!


Holy crap, it’s been a while. Yes, there was an actual box office this weekend. With something like 60-70 percent of theaters open in the U.S. and Canada there are actual numbers worth reporting. Sure, Unhinged‘s opening last weekend was the real official kick-off to theaters opening but I think New Mutants deserves the honor of being the first number one movie reported just because it actually came out.

Now, it didn’t come out all that well. The film netted $7 million over the weekend, which is OK but below the expectations that Disney, who already had low expectations for it, had for it. That might be a bit unfair considering the film’s troubled road and near-complete lack of marketing but it is what it is. At least the movie is out now and we can all realize it wasn’t actually worth the wait and may there was a reason Disney was hiding it.

It’s hard to find any confirmed actual winner for the weekend but it could be Bill and Ted Face the Music. The movie garnered $1.06 million, mostly from drive-ins, but it also landed digitally at the same time. We don’t know the digital box office but the film was roundly praised, picked up a ton of word of mouth, and Orion says that it was number one on iTunes over the weekend. It should be a big winner once those streaming numbers get released.

We won’t be listing the top ten yet because there really isn’t a top ten to list but at least we’re kind of back!

Matthew Razak
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