Nearly one-third of Disney+ subscribers bought Mulan


Despite being something of a bomb overseas, Disney’s live-action Mulan remake is a big hit here in America. According to a new report from Yahoo Finance, roughly one-third of all Disney+ subscribers purchased the “Premiere Access” title upon its release. While the exact figure is 29%, that’s still around 20 million accounts that bought the movie.

There’s likely state sales taxes and some other fees to account for here, but Mulan would have generated around $300 million from Disney+ alone. Even if the movie continues to flop in other markets, Disney has made a substantial sum of cash. By forgoing traditional distribution methods, it will also be keeping 100% of those profits.

If this number still doesn’t sound all that impressive to you, consider this little factoid. Mulan has been far and away the most popular film on Disney+ since its release. In a comparison listing of other hot titles in September, the closest competitor was Phineas & Ferb The Movie: Candace Against The Universe with roughly 10% of users having streamed the film.

Ultimately, the success of Mulan has shown that Disney can get away with overcharging for its films. Whether because it has trained an audience of drones to accept absolute nonsense or people are really just succumbing to FOMO, you can most certainly expect other films in the future to adopt this model.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Peter Glagowski
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