Netflix and Dreamworks close to making streaming deal


Netflix’s streaming service is pretty fantastic, especially since I can now use it on my 3DS. However, I think anyone would instantly tell you that more new release/popular films would be great to have on there. Sure, there’s no limit to the amount of terrible, B-Grade horror films you can watch, but it’s nice to switch over to something a little higher brow every once in a while. That could be getting easier very soon as word is that Netflix and Dreamworks Animation (OK, not too higher brow) are close to closing a deal.

Not too much word on what the deal includes yet, but it would definitely be a boon for both companies. Netflix needs more films to separate it from the pack (even more so) as bigger players start becoming more aggressively involved with streaming and Hulu jumps on board with more movies. Meanwhile Dreamworks Animation has been floundering and the added lime light could help them out a lot.

Business aside, if it works out it means more streaming movies for us.

[Bloomberg, via Deadline]


Matthew Razak
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