Netflix and Obama: a match made in streaming heaven?


Netflix is in full-throttle mode. After announcing there will be over 700 original shows and movies on their docket for 2018, they’re going full-on presidential. NY Times reported that former President Barack Obama is in talks to produce a series of shows with the streaming giant. 

While ideas surrounding the show are purely speculative at this point, the former president and First Lady have always embraced new and alternative ways to reach the public. With 118 million subscribers and counting, the burgeoning partnership between the streaming service and one of America’s forty-five leaders is a new and interesting direction for a retired leader of a country. Many former President’s tend to fade out of the spotlight while remaining active within their respective pursuits, but Obama and company are not quite ready to do that just yet. 

Obama in Talks to Provide Shows for Netflix [NY Times]


Nick Hershey