Netflix announces streaming date for Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion | Date Announcement | NX on Netflix

Originally set for the spring, Netflix has put a June 21st date to their Evangelion debut. I’ve never seen the series, it having been sort of difficult to come by before this, but man have I heard about it. Not just from Japanophiles or (fellow) nerds, too.

Evangelion is a memory for me from a job where I was working as an assistant for a writer. Nice guy, stone-cold tastes. We would reference William Faulkner, analyze clips of William Friedkin; basically a man who liked his stories dry like whisky and bleaker than the desert. Nothing wrong there; Faulkner’s great. But one day he pulls up a clip from Evangelion as a point of reference (it was some horrifying dream sequence) and I was stunned. I almost laughed! So if this show was psychologically taxing enough for this guy, I’m more than curious.

Some controversy though, in that apparently the program set to appear features a new English dub, one not including original actors. On Twitter, voice actress Amanda Winn-Lee (who voiced Rei Ayanami and is credited as for various voice direction positions across the series and films) expressed disappointment and frustration with the move.

Dating back to late November, Winn-Lee commented on her interest in the Netflix project, and clearly feels a sense of pride and love for her original work. Fellow Evangelion voice actor Spike Spencer had similar feelings.

Netflix has yet to respond, and details on a Japanese language option have not yet been confirmed. All 26 episodes, as well as the films EVANGELION:DEATH TRUE² and The End of Evangelion will be available from the service at once on June 21st.