Netflix begins to abandon its binge release model


For those of us who love sitting down when a new series comes out on Netflix and breezing through it one go, those days are soon going to be over. According to a report from, Netflix is starting to move away from the “binge model” to only releasing episodes on a weekly basis. If you were counting on binging through some upcoming shows, it looks like you’ll need to wait. The first shows to launch with the new weekly release model will include The Great British Baking Show (Collection 7) and Rhythm and Flow.

It’s an interesting change (that’s for sure) and is probably being done so viewers have a reason to keep tuning in every week instead of just one giant binge session. One of the things avid viewers of Netflix love is, specifically, the binge-watch model. Your favorite show has a new season and you can sit down and watch it in its entirety, no waiting required. This is what sets Netflix apart from regular cable.

We will have to keep an eye on just what other shows Netflix plans to do this with since Disney+ is really about to give them a run for their money. I have mixed feelings about this but I am willing to give it a shot.

Netflix Abandons Binge Model for Week to Week Episodes on Multiple Shows []

Tarah Bleier
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