Netflix Castlevania: Producer Adi Shankar says 2 seasons in works, both written by Warren Ellis


The animated Netflix Castlevania series was announced yesterday, although it was buried in a press release. Producer Adi Shankar, who teased the series back in 2015 on Facebook, took to social media again to share some small, additional details about the show.

There are two seasons of Castlevania in the works, with the first season debuting in 2017 and the second season rolling out in 2018. Comics writer Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Planetary) has written both season one and season two. Shankar added a personal guarantee that this will end the streak of bad video game adaptation.

Expect more details to come this year about the series’ story and what elements from the games will be making it to the show.

[via Adi Shankar on Facebook]

Hubert Vigilla
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