Netflix CFO not quite sure how to proceed


Netflix is not in a very good spot right now. It is worrying that the situation has devolved to the point where the CEO has begun making jokes about being poisoned by angry investors. How does the company plan to win back some of the goodwill they had before the price hike that was announced a few months back? Well… they’re not really sure. Netflix CFO David Wells has stated that, although a price cut might be all well and good, it would not be permanent, and raising the prices in a few months will do nothing but start this thing over again. He also mentioned the possibility of doing a la carte VOD alongside the subscription streaming, but doesn’t seem particularly interested in that. The only thing he said they are actively looking at is the possibility of re-unifying the Netflix and Qwikster queues, which would probably help more at the moment than either of those other options. 

Frankly, I find the whole debacle pretty hilarious. The company has done nothing but stupid things, and now they are literally paying for it. Good. Now let’s get some real competition and make this whole streaming business cheaper and better for the rest of us. 

[Via /Film]