Netflix is ready to order more seasons of The Witcher


Despite it being early in production, Netflix is quite happy with what they’ve seen of their upcoming television adaptation of The Witcher series of novels and video games. So happy, in fact, that they’re ready to greenlight future seasons of the show ahead of it’s premiere. 

This news comes by way of insider Casey Walsh, who in addition to reporting extensively on developments in the DC Extended Universe, serves as Editor-in-Chief for Geeks WorldWide. Insider reports can be reliable, depending on who they’re coming from. However, take any insider news with a grain of salt, since Netflix clearly wasn’t ready to make this news public themselves. 

Walsh says that his sources said Netflix was “very happy with The Witcher and we could see multiple seasons greenlit before season one airs, or shortly after.” The tweet doesn’t say how many seasons in particular, yet references that it must be more than one. Netflix must be quite happy indeed if they plan on ordering a second and third season this far ahead of the first season’s premiere. This news comes some three and half months after Superman actor Henry Cavill was cast as the titular Witcher, Geralt of Rivia.

Which is a decent reason to believe that Walsh has his facts right. His familiarity covering the DCEU means his sourcing for this news likely overlaps with his sources for news about Henry Cavill, given his central role with the DCEU. Take that as you will. 

Netflix’s The Witcher series is expected to debut sometime in 2019. We’ll keep you posted. 

Report: Netflix “Very Happy” With ‘The Witcher’ And Ready To Greenlight Multiple Seasons []