Netflix launches Flixtape, which is part-playlist and part-mixtape


Making a good mixtape can be a complex artform. The mix reflects your personal taste and expresses unspoken feelings while ultimately trying to appeal to the recipient.

Then there are the unspoken rules of the mixtape, right? The mood and tempo ought to vary, the songs should say something more on repeat listens, cover versions are only acceptable if they totally reinvent the original, and there should be at least one track by The Jam.

Now you can do a Netflix playlist as a mixtape thanks to a new feature called Flixtape.

Meet Flixtape | It's Like a Mixtape | Netflix

I tried working on a quick Flixtape just now just because I like you a lot. And, umm, I dunno, you make me feel like I was in high school again when I actually did like, umm, make mixtapes and stuff. I think you’re kind of great, so, like, here’s a Flixtape.

The Funky Slump Flixtape

So, like, yeah, ummm… I kind of like that movie, you know. So, uhhh, see you in Mr. Akamichi’s art class on Monday?

Make your own Flixtapes by clicking here. Feel free to share them in the comments, on our Facebook page, tweet them to us on Twitter, or, you know, give them to us during art class on Monday.

[via IndieWire]
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