Netflix Now: 50 Ft. Woman Edition


Netflix Now soldiers on, with the latest list of all the new movies available via Watch Instantly. Compared to the last few weeks, there’s quite a bit here that’s worth your time. There are films featuring wonderful actors like Al Pacino (Frankie and Johnny), Eddie Izzard (All the Queen’s Men), Jack Nicholson (The Pledge), and Ian McKellen (Richard III). There are romantic comedies (About a Boy), comedic documentaries (Roger & Me), documentaries of violence (Restrepo), and violent thrillers (Friday the 13th Parts 7 and 8). There’s probably something that will interest you in here.

If you’re excited for Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming At the Mountains of Madness  adaptation, then consider brushing up on his first film, Cronos, which includes a role by frequent collaborator Ron Perlman. I haven’t seen a del Toro film I haven’t liked, so I highly recommend it. The Bourne Identity goes streaming as well, but if you like your action a little less shaky, consider Jackie Chan’s Rumble in the Bronx. And if you’ve somehow missed Comedy Central shoving it down your throat, there’s always Death to Smoochy.

Most puzzling is the strangely titled Example 30 Minute 23.976. As the description reads, “An example of 23.976 frames per second. An example of 23.976 frames per second. An example of 23.976 frames per second” etc., etc. Surely a crowning achievement of cinema.

And the title highlight, Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman? Admittedly, it really isn’t much of a highlight. I really just wanted to post that lovely poster art on the site. Mission successful! Here are all the other films Netflix added this week.