Netflix Now: Asian horror overload edition


At least half of the new offerings on Netflix Watch Instantly this week are Asian horror or thriller films. Seriously, just pick one at random, chances are good that’s what you’ll get. I don’t really have anything against Asian horror films, but come on Netflix, why dump so many on your service at once? Did you find a bargain bin at some Asian grocery store and decide to buy all the films because they’re such a good deal?

Beyond that, there’s little of note this week. There’s a squeaky clean version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm that’s produced by Hallmark, if you like your great works of literature to have any meaning sucked out of them. There’s The Big Night, which is not a similarly titled film about a failing Italian restaurant, so I have no interest in it. The Lone Ranger comes calling with two films, sure to stir up fond memories in your grandparents. The Catman of Paris keeps the catman genre represented in a continuation of last week. And finally, How to Kill Your Neighbor’s Dog turns out not to be an instructional video for shutting Fido up at night. Drat.

Oh, and Christian Bale plays Jesus in Mary, Mother of Jesus. I always knew he was godlike.