Netflix Now: Boob Tube Edition


Netflix brings us a fine variety of television this week. First off, there’s Sherlock! If you haven’t seen Sherlock yet, now you have no excuse. It’s absolutely fantastic, and both seasons are up. Completely unrelated, there’s a show called Hookers: Saved on the Strip about a former prostitute who wanders the streets to turn other prostitutes to religion. The name of her foundation? Hookers for Jesus. It’s not as brilliant as Sherlock, but it’s a close call.

Other than that, there are plenty of shows to watch. If you’re bored of your cubicle and want to see what other people do to get by, there’s L.A. Ink, Dirty Jobs, and Cold Diggers. If you want to make fun of freaks, you have My Strange Addiction, Freaky Eaters, and Strange Sex. You’ll find a variety of popular shows like Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Alias, CSI: Miami, and Supernatural, and some guilty pleasures in Say Yes to the Dress and Teen Mom 2. The only thing really notable in movies is Klown, which was…a thing, all right.

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