Netflix Now: Christmas Eve Edition


This week’s intermittent downtime caused this column to be delayed, but that means I get to include a few more films for you to watch over Christmas. And accordingly, Netflix Watch Instantly has added some holiday films to enjoy this holiday season. Christmas Story is probably not the one you’re thinking of; it’s from Finland, but you can catch “A” Christmas Story on TV at some point, considering how much they’ll run it. Others include National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe.

My pick for this year’s Christmas is Meet Me in St. Louis, the classic musical featuring Judy Garland. It may not be exclusively about Christmas, but it did spawn the holiday favorite “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” so it’s worth checking out where it came from. Otherwise, you’ve got plenty of other worthwhile films to check out, like Chicago, Predator 2, and Mona Lisa, plus a slew of new Mystery Science Theater 3000 films, so with all the other stuff Netflix has on tap, you’re sure to find something you want.

See the full list after the break, and happy holidays!