Netflix Now: Confession Edition


Forgive me, father, for I have just watched a movie that has invaded my mind and made it hard to concentrate on anything else. This would not be so unforgivable were it not for the fact that said movie is not on Netflix this week. No, I watched Attack the Block. It was awesome. It should be on Netflix so that more people can experience it. Do you hear me, Netflix? You have work to do.

Seriously, there isn’t a lot to offer this week. I hear Who Killed the Electric Car? is awesome, and Revenge of the Electric Car seems to be a more audience-pleasing follow-up to that, so it might be worth watching. Also, there are two separate shows with “Confession” in the title. One is about animal hoarding and has a picture of a man kissing puppies. Confession: I also love kissing puppies. They are awesome.

Hit the jump for puppy kisses!

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