Netflix Now: Dylanesque Edition


I’m not gonna lie: your options this week? They’re…”limited” would be the polite word to use. “Anemic” would be the more accurate word. Hopefully Netflix gets around to making a US deal with Paramount somewhat soon.

At least what’s here offers some genuinely worthwhile films to add to your instant queue, starting with No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, Martin Scorsese’s recent documentary on the chameleon-like singer-songwriter. (Now if only they would get Todd Haynes’s I’m Not There up on the service, Dylan fans would be totally satisfied.)

Micmacs, a French film, is supposed to be a good watch, along with the moving documentary The Human Experience. But if those aren’t your thing, surely you’re familiar with another of Scorsese’s films, Gangs of New York, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis. A few stock documentaries and horror flicks round out the disappointingly small week.

There’s a full, yet short, list after the jump. What are you adding this week?