Netflix Now: Equality Edition


This week’s edition of Netflix Now is on the right side of history. Like Jeffrey Toobin wrote in The New Yorker: “The question about marriage equality for all Americans is not if it will pass but when. The country has changed, and it’s never going back to the way it was. Though the battles continue, the war is over.” And so, keep fighting the good fight, everyone.

A light week on Netflix Instant, and you can count all the titles on your hands and feet. Still, some quality stuff has popped up. For one, there’s Leos Carax’s Holy Motors, which is a movie that’s grown on me since I saw it at the New York Film Festival last year. While it didn’t blow me away the first time, I’ve liked it more and more with subsequent viewings.

Also, there’s Eric Khoo’s documentary Tatsumi, which I’ve been meaning to check out. It’s an animated documentary about manga artist Yoshihiro Tatsumi that looks really beautiful. Rounding out the light week, there’s also The Comedy, Bachelorette, Citadel, Tai Chi Zero, and something called Vampire Dog.

After the cut, the new stuff on Netflix Watch Instantly, and the gay marriage issue is carefully considered. Plus: a musical interlude.

New additions to Netflix Watch Instantly apply only to readers in the United States. For those in other parts of the world, your choices may vary.

Holy Motors interlude - Accordion scene

Weekly Netflix Now Awards

Most Likely to Be Watched First

Holy Motors

Honorable mention: The Comedy

Documentary I’m Most Interested In


Wide-Release Movie Made to Be Seen via Netflix Instant


Might Watch to Find Out If It’s More Threatening Than Bunnicula

Vampire Dog

Might Watch Because Name Suggests Possibility of Boobs

Walter Latham’s Comedy After Dark

Got Hiccups?

Hold Your Breath

Afraid of the Dark?

Keep the Lights On

Tai Chi One + Negative Tai Chi One = ?

Tai Chi Zero

Original Title of My Favorite Tears for Fears Song

Fat Kid Rules the World

Best Title

Leapfrog: Museum of Opposite Words

Honorable mention: Sushi Girl

Heartbroken Santorum Condemns Gay Marriage For Two-Timing Jerks Like Nick

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